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Increase website conversions.

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Use Google Shopping Ads to promote your eCommerce products.

Use the most cost-effective Google ads feature to increase your revenue.

Increase visibility - Increase awareness of your products through Google Shopping Ads.

Increase clicks - Display Google Shopping Ads on keywords that your customers are searching for.

Increase website revenue - Increase website sales through relevant ads that promote your great products.


Why Do You Need To Use Google Shopping Ads?

84% of purchases begin with an online search, oftentimes on Google.

So why not put your products right at the top of the screen for users to see when they search for a product like yours? Google shopping ads allow you to promote your products with an image, title, price, store name, description, and more right under the search bar your user just typed into.


If you’re a local company, you can turn online shoppers into in-store customers by getting your products in front of their eyes first. Encourage shoppers to trust your brand and products with ratings, promotions, and more through Google shopping ads.


Google shopping ads are a no-brainer for any eCommerce or brick-and-mortar company with an online presence wishing to increase sales. Google’s powerful search engine and targeting components allow for your ads to reach a highly targeted demographic of people already searching for products just like the ones you sell.

Why Using Google Shopping Services Are A Must

Google shopping services bring you more than just purchases (which we know you love), but they can also increase your brand strength in various other ways.


Web traffic: By using agency Google Shopping Services, we can create a shopping campaign for you, that drives more traffic and higher click through rates than regular text ads receive.


Better Leads: Shopping ads attract searchers and shoppers with a high-quality image of the product, so shoppers can see what the product is before clicking (unlike a text ad). The image has already interested your shopper and making the shopper that much more qualified.


Expansion: Your brand’s presence online automatically expands when we start running your Google shopping ads because we control what keyword searches your ads appear for. Additionally, if your Google shopping ads are combined with your Google search ads, then you have the potential to have double the exposure to shoppers with one keyword.


How Our Google Shopping Ads Services Work

1. Google Shopping Ads Development

First, we make sure you are set up to run a proper Google shopping ads campaign. We make sure to set up your Google Merchant Center and Google AdWords if you don’t already have these accounts, and then we link them so we can begin creating your shopping campaign.


2. Google Shopping Ads Budget

We work with you to develop an advertising budget that will help you accomplish your goals in the most efficient way. To do this we help you determine the max budget per day you are willing to spend and the most money per click you are willing to spend. Remember, you only pay per click, so if users don’t click on your Google shoppings ads, you don’t pay! You do want people to click on your ad, but if they don’t – it doesn’t mean you aren’t creating brand and product awareness.

3. Google Shopping Ads Placement

This is when we choose where your ads can be seen. Your Google shopping ads are associated with a keyword relevant to your products, but where they appear is also a key determinant of conversion success. If you’re a local store, we will target searches made only in your area within a certain mile radius, or we can target Google searches across the globe if you are an international retailer. We can also choose to place your Google shopping ads on associated sites for extra exposure.

4. Google Shopping Ads Monitoring And Reporting


After your Google shopping ads have had time to run and be exposed to people searching for your products, Google provides you with some extensive data and results that can be a bit overwhelming. No need to worry – our advertising specialists have it under control. These metrics can tell us results down to the color and brand of the product. These results show us where your Google shopping ads are performing against the industry, keyword, and your competitors. With this information, we optimize your ads in various different ways to beat out the competition and gain sales.

Key Metrics Of Our Google Shopping Ads Services

The goal of our Google Shopping Services is to increase revenue for your business. We accomplish this in a few ways:

  1. Increasing Website Clicks

  2. Increasing Website Conversions

  3. Decreasing Your Cost Per Conversion

  4. Increasing Overall Awareness

What Makes Our Google Shopping Services Company Unique?

1. We are Google Ads experts. 

Our expertise with Google shopping ads in combination with Google search ads gives puts our ads in front of the other guys. We take the time to research your customer and the products they are looking for to ensure your campaigns are setting the right bids for your ideal customer. When adding this to our experience driving revenue for clients through our Google Shopping Services, we’d say you have a good chance of success with us.

2. We are always watching your campaign. 

Google shopping ads require constant monitoring to ensure the budget is being used properly and to its fullest extent. If monitoring is not done, then you have the potential to overspend or waste a great deal of your budget on unqualified leads and clicks.

3. We are a full-service agency. 

We are a full-service advertising agency that can help you with all of your online advertising needs. Whether you want to use Google text ads, Display ads, or Remarketing ads, we have your back. Also, if you’re interested in other types of ads, like Facebook or Instagram ads, we can set that up for you as well. Whatever you need, our agency can likely take care of it or point you in the right direction.

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